Kathy Kovala
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Let the water do the work.

The Watercolor Experience

Many people think that water color is hard, the reason being that it can be uncontrollable. I've perfected this technique that I call "Rock N' Roll" or "Gravitational" painting. I've found that by wetting the subject, dropping the color in and then moving the painting around, the water will do the work for you.


Schedule of Events

Workshops & Events

I love to introduce people to the power of color and what they can do with water on the paper. I teach several different classes that give people a hands on experience of how to put the water to work.

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Paintings for sale

These are a collection of paintings, prints and cards that are for sale.

Hawaii Collection

The beach inspired colors, smells and sites of the magical islands.

Big Sky Collection

The majestic space and textures of Montana.

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Floral Collection

The beauty and color of flowers where ever you might find them.


Still Life Collection

The every day objects that catch the eye and turn into art.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
— Edgar Degas